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Team Deepgrowth
Sepia-Zorua May 10, 2014 at 2:37pm
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Vimalter Adopted by a travelling circus, Vimalter was found wandering the deserted areas of Andalust with a confused look on his face. The owner of the circus, a Mawile takes in Poke'mon who have lost everything and makes them perform in front of many audiences. Vimalter's act was a dangerous one including spinning things that were on fire. Vimalter has interesting views on the world, it's almost as if he thinks to much. Entertaining people made him feel lower than others and really smashed up his confidence. It felt like all he was was something that entertained others. Like a toy or a magic trick. So eventually with much effort he managed to escape from the circus. However due to those times he's suffered with low self esteem, trust issues and the obsession with making things perfect. (where his OCD comes from) He is also very afraid of crowds making him claustrophobic in some cases. His personality is very much defying that he's basically scared of simple things. So he acts defensive towards everyone and isn't afraid of stepping on there feelings. He's surprised by thosbe friends with him and due to this he's usually the last to realize that he has formed such relationships but underneath his tough exterior he loves his friends and cherishes them for seeing through his rough skull.

Melsanthos is a part of a famous line of Carnivine who are well known for devoting there lives to the shade gardens. The garden is passed down through the generations and is one of the most beautiful. Poke'mon are lucky to live amongst it's plants. Melsanthos had tended the garden for years until a swarm of larvesta destroyed it completely and ruined the soil. Melsanthos is tied to the garden so the destruction of it was devastating to him and there was a point when he was willing to go with it but Vimalter managed to find him. Melsanthos has formed a very close bond with Vimalter. He's forever thankful to him and will help him with anything. He will probably never leave his side even if Vimalter did something bad. The reason for this is because Vimalter managed to save one of the plants from the garden convinced him that as long as the plant still exists so does the garden. So Vimalter kind of saved his life somehow. Melsanthos is the most gentle creature, he is happy to be helpful and that is good enough for him. He doesn't talk but his body movements usually make it easy for others to understand him. So he's quite a simple carnivine.

Application art medium: Coffee


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