Cbox Archive 18 [Fall 2013]

Cbox Archive 18 [Fall 2013]
Sparkleafexc August 16, 2015 at 11:14pm
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I used to organize the cbox archive based on file size. From the third file onward, if an archive exceeded 120 kb, I started a new file. Unfortunately, this meant the numbering would get screwed up if the file sizes changed for some reason (cleaning up timestamps, chatlogs that I forgot to add, highly sensitive chatlogs, etc.) Additionally, this meant that one file could cover several months, while another file would only cover two weeks.

For 2012 logs, I tried to rely on cutoff dates. This resulted in a 287 kb file for April 2012 alone. (Admittedly, I also have 129 kb covering the first four days of the chatlog's existence and 108 kb covering the night of July 17, 2010 alone.)

2013 was a much lighter year. Once the official chatlog was restored, I could prune the boring sections of my chatlogs and just keep the interesting parts. 2013 chatlogs were uploaded in 3 files, each covering four months. This is the third of those files.

Anyway, I now have all my 2013 logs posted. As I fear I'm setting a bad example, I'm considering sharing later chatlogs somewhere else than the galleries.


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