[LotE Bonus #1] Homeland

[LotE Bonus #1] Homeland
Sparkleafexc September 17, 2015 at 11:15am
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It took over a year, but #1 of the LotE Bonus series is finished! This goes into the perspective of a Hoenn native, which I felt Volume 4 only scratched the surface of. Four minor LotE characters appear in this story:

- Razor: The Zangoose of Shock's patrol in Volume 4 and the protagonist of this story! Her name isn't revealed until the final battle. I always wanted to write more about her. So at last, here is her story.

- Barrel: A Lairon and a friend of Razor who Omega attacked in Verdanturf. He also tended to Sparktail's and Altaria's wounds after the Groudon battle. However, I apparently edited Barrel out at some point. Oops. Anyway, I have fixed this. *frustrated sigh*

- Foam: An Azumarill in Volume 4, part of Rush's war council, along with Shock and Heroc.

- Kate: A Mawile in Heroc's patrol, never really identified by name in LotE.



Now to talk about the LotE Bonus stories. Most will be one-parters like this. There is a numerical order, but it's not really based on the order I write them as much as it is the order I would suggest reading. I make this distinction because Fall From Grace and Adversary are both included in the list.


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