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Sparkleafexc April 26, 2016 at 3:29pm
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This is old. Really really old. Like, this was one of my warmups for the LotE finale. Basically, KiraNarcissismcool (Jay) invited me to join her session on the Overseer Project, so I did. They're pretty cool people; they even helped to proofread LotE 48. And they also love Hoenn, squee <3

I was going to make a full length story out of this, using Skype logs and my own adventures. Was hoping to explore the "stealth/dagger" side of Sparkleaf a bit more.

Unfortunately, stuff kept getting in the way. Life, school, other writings. Then someone hacked the site and we lost our session. So we remade our session, and then everyone forgot about it, and I screwed up the account. And then they took down the old Overseer Project to make way for the new version, and I haven't heard from the group in almost a year.

Since Homestuck has ended, there is very little chance of me ever expanding on this. So this is the finished thing. Dunno if you guys will enjoy it, but here it is. <:


April 27, 2016 at 1:25am
Just so you know, I don't want your head on a plate. Who else would wear my elegant headdresses?
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