[LotE Music] Destiny's Flame

[LotE Music] Destiny's Flame
Sparkleafexc August 8, 2016 at 5:31pm
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Having lost access to GarageBand over four years ago, I've been working to recompose LotE music on MuseScore for a while now. After all these years, Insyte *still* manages to get the best of everything. :1 Jk. jk. But I have to concede that this is probably the best track I've composed so far. It's simply glorious. Also, it has the slowest tempo, for that regal air.

Koto because Insyte is the king of Japan. One thing I disliked about the original was that the segments were too distinct, so this version flows together more smoothly. After all, Umbreon!Insyte and Flareon!Insyte aren't two separate characters, they're just two aspects of the same character.

I'll probably make a version of Sparktail's and Thalia's themes with Japanese instruments, someday.

Original version for comparison


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Submitted Aug 8, 2016
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Title Insyte's Destiny
Album LotE
Artist Sparkleaf
Year 2015


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