[LotE Bonus #3] Meanwhile, at Mt. Hemos

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AHHHHHH. It took forever. But it's done.

This is a story about Torch and Rose, likely the most famous RP couple on Route 50. LotE shares continuity with PttR so it's only fair to explore what happened to Torch and Rose during LotE. I've shared little bits of it here and there, but this is the finished product at long last. Enjoy!

If you were expecting a more action-packed story, sorry


February 14 at 9:27pm
It's nice to read some fluff from you *v* I really love how you wrote Torch and King ♥ and thank you for updating their stories, they really needed the love (and giving Torch more of a personality, lmao)!
February 15 at 3:22am
Glad you enjoyed it! :> That one tumblr post about fictional characters becoming dads got me wondering what Torch would be like as a dad, so this was partly a result of that, haha.
February 14 at 8:48pm
By the way, there's a part when Horizon is talking to torch and rose where he cuts off mid-sentence:

"The Rhyperiors proudly held up their banners. "Giratina has returned to the world and shown us the way," declared the Tyranitar. "Humanity is a sin of the world. And to erase

"And we need every Pokemon who can fight. Just as you fought in your prime.""

And long live kind instant noodles!
February 14 at 8:56pm
Fixed, thanks
February 14 at 8:31pm
When Kusaan the omega warrior?
February 14 at 8:32pm
Kusaan is very far down the list unfortunately
But I am really happy you remember his real name :D
February 14 at 8:35pm
I think I only ever learned it when I saw your list of planned stories XD.
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