2010 Superhero Sprites

2010 Superhero Sprites
Sparkleafexc February 28, 2017 at 2:10pm
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Well, I can't tell if I ever uploaded this, so here, have some really old sprites.

Team Luxrio may be the most renowned superhero team on Route 50, but they are far from the first! The first superhero (according to Saga lore) was Maxexc, a.k.a. "The Guitarist". (To be elaborated on in RouteSaga 50.)

The four superheroes depicted above appeared on the scene in 2010, shortly after the site moved to Route 50. However, they "mysteriously" disbanded after a new generation of moderators were appointed.
  • Foxdive: A slim-bodied vigilante with a shonen attitude. He fought with electrified leaf-blades and KO'd villains with his Iron Tail. Though he didn't know at the time, all his abilities were fox illusions.
  • Furretpowered: A detective-type and a fist fighter. Supposedly, a radioactive Furret bit her and granted her tremendous Strength (HM04). But it's believed this Strength came from her Furret scarf.
  • Cursed One: A magical wolf with astonishing, unknown power. With a howl, she could summon light from the heavens to immobilize her opponents.
  • Dr. Twilight: A scientist-type who carried magitek weaponry, all customized to his tastes. He had powers of his own, but preferred to use technology in the field.
They were about to recruit a fifth member, Break, when the staff confronted them. Furretpowered and Cursed One escaped, while Dr. Twilight and Foxdive were captured.

In a twist, Kat invited them to the staff. Of her other staff candidates, only Fexible and Aurore had accepted so far. Both Sparkleaf and Twill accepted, and so the new moderators were appointed shortly after. Though Frosti and Sky quietly disbanded the superhero team, they continued to assist the staff.

As staff, Sparkleaf and Twill continued to use the same weapons they had as superheroes, until the incident at Poll Plaza where everyone died. Then Sparkleaf woke up to being a fox and did his silly dragoon stunts, while Twill started using more magic and less technology.

In the years since then, Twill and Aurore have left the staff, while Frosti and Sky are now coordinators. Fexible is now a director, and Sparkleaf is now an executive. Other superheroes, such as Flutterbolt and Grifray, have since filled the niche left by these four.


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