First Nine

First Nine
Cooliocool January 11 at 2:42pm
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I've been neglecting my drawing tablet I received from a good friend for YEARS, so I figured I should finally practice using it! Every day, I've been drawing a Pokemon (in numerical order of course). This is the first 9! I plan on uploading them here in batches based on evolution lines. I hope you guys like them! :D

Please excuse the Charmeleon having its background still. I forgot to save all of these (except the Squirtle line) as their own standalone image without a background. Since Charmeleon is lineless, it looks really weird when I magic wand away the background haha!

Please feel free to give me tips on using tablets, layers, line techniques, etc! I want to learn how to more effectively make digital art.


January 12 at 5:38pm
Hey, since I'm stalking Clip Studio Paint for when they have a sale do you want me to tell you too? From what I've seen it usually goes down to 15 dollars (it is originally 50). While I still like Sai more, I feel like it gets the job done just as well.
January 12 at 8:18pm
Oh absolutely! Thank you so much! :D
January 12 at 3:48am
Aaah, Cools, I love these! I really like how you used some of the old sprite colour palettes. :D

Tutorials are your best friend when it comes to learning a program. I'm assuming you're using SAI, so here are some of my personal favs: x | x | x | x | x

Also it looks like your pen pressure isn't working? Or am I just not seeing it? 0: If it isn't working, I can probably help you find the right drivers to fix it. It's not essential, but it's nice to create more fluid lineart and shading.
January 12 at 5:47am
AHHH thank you so much for all of the resources, Leopard! ♥ I really really appreciate it! I've been meaning to look for tutorials but there's SO MUCH out there so it gets super overwhelming for a newbie like myself.

I know many artists use SAI, but I haven't purchased it yet! The pen end of my tablet pen doesn't work, weirdly enough. The problem with it is that the coil on the inside is broken (I received it from my friend that way, that's why he bought a whole new tablet haha), and I haven't really spent the time yet to carefully glue it back together to maybe have a chance of it working again. So I've been drawing with the eraser end only, and using the program Paint.NET since it doesn't know how to differentiate between the pen and eraser end haha! Not an optimal solution, but $50 for SAI and $30 for a new pen adds up to a bit and I'm not sure how much I want to invest in it just yet. I probably should just take the hit, but I'm weird about spending money sometimes.

OOH THESE BOOKS TOO I will definitely use these to feel inspired! And maybe get some new ideas too! :D
January 12 at 6:39am
Oof, I feel you on the broken pen. That's painful.
May I recommend Medibang for you then? It's Fire Alpaca's bigger, beefier brother and is a good tool if you're without a pen. Most of the tutorials above should work with it too since it has clipping masks etc. and is free!
January 13 at 6:09pm
OOH I am super happy with how many different options Medibang has! And I can get the eraser end to act as a pen, which I just now realized after giving up yesterday haha. Thank you so much for the suggestion! ♥ My first Medibang Pokemon will be Kakuna!

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January 12 at 4:06am
Oh, also, also, this is absolutely not required reading or anything, but here's a collection of art books that I use to get inspired. Some of those are also photo references of people if you want to get a better grip on anatomy with life drawing!
These may or may not be of any interest to you, but I thought I should share them anyway!
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