Tasty Potions

Tasty Potions
Karkatcool May 8, 2018 at 2:43pm
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A little collection of neat little potions using a bottle template I came up with at four in the morning.

From left to right:

Bubblegum- A potion with a sickly sweet smell to it. Use it on your foes to make them sticky for a few turns!

Cotton candy- A light potion with a lovely blue color to it. Use it to heal you a small amount.

Watermelon- A juicy potion that heals you a moderate amount. Using too many makes you really have to use the bathroom, so be careful.

Fruit punch- A refreshing potion that packs quite a punch! Use it to double your strength during a fight.

yes they're based off artificial flavors I love to death how did you guess


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