[LotE Music 2019] Thalia's Intent

[LotE Music 2019] Thalia's Intent
Sparkleafexc March 3, 2019 at 11:08pm
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Thalia's theme got changed up a fair bit, as I wanted it to sound different from Sparktail's. But the Thalia-ish parts are still there, and she has a distinct leitmotif now. As the future earth goddess, it's only fitting that Thalia gets more prominent percussion than mere wood blocks, so now she does.

2016 versionSorry, I accidentally overwrote the old submission with this file. I can't seem to update this submission.


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Submitted Mar 3, 2019
Last Edited Apr 2, 2021
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Title Thalia's Intent
Album LotE
Artist Sparkleaf
Year 2019


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