[LotE Music 2019] Ferricia, Iron Wings

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That's right, this is an all-new piece! Well, sorta new. I posted in the Discord a month ago. And it's for Ferricia. With this one I tried for a melody that captrued loyalty, duty, and melancholy.

If there's one thing I regret about LotE (and is far too pivotal to change), it's killing Ferricia. She didn't really have a ton of development when I wrote her death, and only got the development needed for an impactful death via numerous rewrites. And even so... What were the things that made Ferricia happy or sad? Did she have dreams? How did she feel about leaving her teammates for the Iron Fleet? We may never know.


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Submitted Mar 3, 2019
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Title Iron Wings
Artist Sparkleaf
Year 2019


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