Ref sheet: Kyubell the Kitsune

Ref sheet: Kyubell the Kitsune
blitzdrachin September 20, 2019 at 6:31pm
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Reached her final design :D (as anthro at least), I liked both options and votes were kinda close, so I mixed the legs design at the end.

I made this oc for people who are afraid about violating copyright by profiting with fan art, with that i mean that you can do fan art of her and profit with the art youmade of her, patreon being a clear example of it. I won't be filling DMCA if people are making fan art of her and profiting with it, as long you don't claim this oc as their own and as long you don't trace this pic of course.

Kitsunes are known for being good shapeshifters, so a feral form will be done soon.

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