[LotE Music 2020] Battle of Ever Grande

[LotE Music 2020] Battle of Ever Grande
Sparkleafexc January 16, 2020 at 11:21pm
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I've been sitting on this one for a while, but I decided there isn't much more I can do with it. So here you go, everyone. The crowning glory of LotE music.

This track represents the Battle of Ever Grande, the final story arc of Legend of the Exile.

The first movement opens with Rush rousing Sootopolis to war, folllowed by a brief echo of the Victory Road theme as Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald battalions infiltrate the island. Watching the battle unfold, Rush briefly recalls Slick's glory days as he and Green Battalion advance.

The second movement kicks in at 2:16. As Shock and his group reach the top of the hill, Scarlet Streak stirs. With a reprisal of Cynthia's theme, she unleashes a terrifying Draco Meteor shower across the island, demonstrating the glory of her days under the Sinnoh Champion, devastating Red Battalion.

At 3:12, the third movement begins, and the personal battles take place, marked by each character's theme. 3:36, Insyte finds himself cornered by Scar, reopening his doubts as a worthy king. 4:07, Lyther locates his inner calm, and manages to strike back at Manaphy. 4:22, Sparktail gains his resolve, and runs to the temple to confront Omega. 4:44, Compounded with guilt, Lute intervenes in the duel between Roathaus and Blusabre. Starting from 4:58, Sparktail and Omega fight their way up the Elite Four staircase, alternating between their respective themes. Ultimately, Sparktail prevails, and after struggling with the animalist desire to kill, embraces human morals and chooses not to kill a prisoner.

5:59 marks the start of the final movement. Primarily brass as hock, Thalia, and others from Emerald Battalion catch up with Sparktail.An elegant yetvominous piano melody playa aa a barrier covers the templr, ending in a brief echo of the Herald's theme as Latias reveals her true identity. Sparktail, Thalia, Shock, and the others ascend to the stadium above Steven Stone's room, where they confront Scarlet Streak herself. The Red and Blue Orbs awaken within Sparktail and Thalia, and in a glorious reprisal of both Sparktail's and Thalia's themes, Thalia shoots down the Virtues while Sparktail drives a thunderbolt directly into Scarlet Streak's bloodstream. With the duo recognized as the new champions, Rayquaza manifests as the will of the wild and strikes down Giratina in a heavenly cascade of falling notes.


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