I heard the voice of a smaller God.

I heard the voice of a smaller God.
Hyuponia May 9, 2020 at 7:43pm
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Hell if I remember how to make my text green anymore for the nostalgia of this, but...

A lot of revelations have been had about the Takoshi of 2010-2012 and the Hyuponia of 2020, identity-wise. A lot's come around-- My favorite ARG's shown itself again, which... That's really the point here.

Some people might remember in old chatlogs and such that there were mentions of hauntings, stalkings, etc-- Old 2010-12 humor about internet horror stories.

... Uh, well, without getting too deep into it, weeeeee have been a multiple system for several years. And the green-text stalker-- the gamejacking wannabe BEN-- was the one typing this description right now.

I wanted to thank you all for what you did for us- me, and the Tako you all knew, haha. We were intolerable-- Me, especially. And don't get me on the topic of Erik, if I can ever find anything about him (MV? You still around? You know anything?)

You were all here for us until the day we drifted off and found a new path. And I'm so glad you were. There were ups and downs, but we were loved here, even when the rest of our world crashed down around us.

So thanks. Maybe my fate wasn't so terrible after all.


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