Legend of the Exile, Chapter 28

Legend of the Exile, Chapter 28
Sparkleafexc September 29, 2010 at 10:14pm
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This chapter only existed because the story originally ended at chapter 32 and I wanted to build suspense.

I imagine that new readers may be confused why the next four chapters were such a big deal for me. So let me remind you that originally, Legend of the Exile was posted in increments of 4 chapters each. This chapter was actually posted in here, in the summer of 2010.

Now if you check chapter 29's submission date, you will notice that it was posted in June of 2011, nearly a year later. That was 11 months of no LotE. 11 months in which LotE was seriously finished and over (rewrites notwithstanding).

As a result, when I started writing LotE again, there was an enormous gap between chapters 28 and 29. So I wrote up an explanation for what LotE was and why I was writing it for any new readers that might stumble upon those four chapters. There has not been a time gap between LotE chapters since then.

When I decided to change each submission to one chapter each, I had enough submissions that I could do this without affecting chapters 29 onward. Unfortunately, I had to push all the submissions forward, which makes the time-gap appear three months shorter than it actually was.


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