Viewer: Be the fatherly chap

Viewer: Be the fatherly chap
IcyCastform November 11, 2011 at 2:40pm
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Fantroll fever :o

Your name is PALLAS ANDROM. You are a LOVING and GENTLE soul, a FRIEND to many and a FATHER to the needy. You're inclined to SERVE others over yourself, which often has the consequence of being conned by malicious trolls who take advantage of you. And after you assist them, they don't even bother to SUGGEST a black quadrantship! So unthoughtful of them.

Focus, sirrah, focus!

Among your many INTRESTS are FAMILY FILMS, primarily ones that involve the rescuing of animals and animal habitats. You often stare ADMIRINGLY at your poster of TROLL MATT DAMON in sheer reverence of his relief efforts. You also enjoy the company of your OWL lusus, who is often your sparring partner in SELF-REGULATED MOCK TRIALS. Though the topics range from healthcare to penny stocks, and your lusus is unable to form coherent sentences, you often lose because of your CALM and NON-AGGRESSIVE attitude. It frustrates you sometimes that you can't hold a proper argument... but then that frustration turns into happiness and you forget that you ever pondered on the subject.

Recently, you've been put in charge of one of the SGRUB teams. You feel this responsibility is not befitting of you; you should be the support! But you carry on anyway. After all, it's now your charge to keep these fellows a well-oiled machine. The fact that your client is vain beyond all belief doesn't help with the matter. How are you going to keep everyone in line when they don't pay a lick of attention to anyone but themselves? Be gracious, you remind yourself, gracious!

Your Trollian, which you use frequently (to uplift others in their time of need!), is helmedPillar and you talk with WISE wisssssspy extentionsssss...

What will you do?

FIRST: This is not at all my art (unless I took an art skill in the knee) but instead Darklite's. Check him out, he's my best bro and great artist. CCC:

SECOND: Some fantroll info :33

Pallas was the friend/fatherfigure to young goddess Athena, though he died in a javelin-throwing accident (female lowblood + fighting over quadrant space = some possible parallels :U). It also means "pale" in Latin, hence his pale green-blue blood. Androm is a shortening of a mythological character who is saved by Perseus. Not much more than catchy mythmajyyks x3

Resides in Land of Footstools and Paranoia, consorts are ravens, denizen is Cato
Serf of Mind
Lusus is obviously OWLPOP
Prospit dreamer - Red Team :D
Symbol is Pallas, for the name of a dwarf planet and also constellation
Strife specibus is javelinKind (watch out, bro, those are sharp)
Blood is turquoise (#40E0D0)
Scale Modus: Cards must maintain an even balance, or else when the scales tip, there is a 99.9% chance of that scale's items dispersing MESSILY all over the floor ;3
Horns are spiraled, as around the shaft of a javelin
He draws out certain letters of words, usually vowels or "s"'s, and capitalizes the words WISE and WISDOM (as to mirror STRONG :D). Also uses "..." for punctuation. C:

His ancestor is The Prophet (which doesn't have eight letters... hmm, The Hipolite might work as Pallas is all up in javelins? Idk.) He has an extensive collection of scrolls containing the prophecies concerning Skaia and the Green Sun. He's a general wise guy overall B)

Such ends the fantroll shenanigans. //olliesoutie


November 25, 2011 at 6:20am
November 11, 2011 at 5:18pm
Ahaha, awesome fantroll and awesome art. G'job you guys :D
November 11, 2011 at 2:56pm
no, young troll.... I... AM YOUR FATHER
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