> Be that obnoxious guy,

> Be that obnoxious guy,
Silvair November 23, 2011 at 7:53am
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Poor Bravio never got a real introduction so of course I HAD to draw a halfway decent picture of him.
Oh yeah and he also gets a new ~*stylish jacket*~

Your name is BRAVIO LAMINA.

You are not that bright, which is expected as you very much enjoy GAMBLING and other things of the sort. You are a PROFUSE SPENDER as well; you have wasted your money on many frivolous things. As a result, you end up going BROKE a lot. To correct this, you end up STEALING MONEY from your friends, but that's okay, you're only taking a few boondollars anyway! They won't notice a thing. At least you hope so.

Your lusus is a FOX, and it doesn't mind your bad SPENDING habits at all. In fact, if anything it encourages it! Sometimes it will help you go on your STEALING SPREES as well as your SPENDING SPREES.

You are somewhat of a HOARDER, and as stated before you love spending your money on all sorts of stupid things. Your HIVE is filled with all sorts of KNICK-KNACKS. You're probably never going to use any of them, since all of them are pretty much USELESS! But cleaning out your hive is unimaginable. You don't think you could ever manage that. You do wish you had that snooty bespectacled fishboy to help you with your organizationial deficiencies.

There is this one girl that you have been dying to be in red with, but oh no! she instead picked that stupid snotty fish over you. You can't even FATHOM how that geeky sea troll could be better than you. I mean, come on, who could resist your RUGGED HANDSOMENESS? Anyways, as a result, you have developed deep BLACK FEELINGS for the fish troll. He doesn't return these feelings though, and you assume that he feels like he's TOO IMPORTANT to fill quadrants with you. This makes you hate him even more.

Your trolltag is notoriousSpender and you tend to be Very rude when speaking although you try to act somewhat dignified_ this neVer works_

What will you do?

Land of Surprise and Luck
Host of Zeal
Lusus is a fox
Symbol - Vulpecula (Fox constellation, looks like a V with a horizontal line through the middle.)
Blood is malachite green (#00A82A), between Kanaya and Terezi on hemospectrum
Horns resemble his symbol - somewhat large and stick out at 45 degree angle
Strife is staffKind, poolcueKind to be exact. Alchemized with poker chips and fake blood capsules.
Captchalogue - Slot Machine (in order to retrieve an item you must line it up on the slot machine)
Trolltag - notoriousSpender
Quirk - capitalizes all V's, replaces all punctuation with underscores (_)

His name means gamble (Bravio) and money (Lammina) in Latin. I shortened Lammina to Lamina for the 6 letter rule


November 23, 2011 at 1:04pm
Aaaaa you come up with the best fantrolls *-*
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soooooo cool.

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