> Be the snotty fishboy.

> Be the snotty fishboy.
Silvair November 26, 2011 at 11:08am
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You are the biggest INTROVERT in the entire universe, and you absolutely hate anything social. This poses a problem, as no one can get their quadrants filled curled up in their hive! You are also a pretty big NEAT FREAK. DISORDER annoys you to absolutely no end! You hate it. Hate it hate it hate it. Sometimes you try to clean your MOIRAIL's hive, because obviously cleaning up your own hive isn't enough. However, she always messes her hive up faster than you can clean it, rendering these attempts pointless. But addiction is a powerful thing. You can't stop.

Being the neat freak you are, you really hate SOPOR SLIME. It is so messy and takes too long to clean up! Yuck. So, you sleep on the floor of your hive every night. Uncomfortable? Yes, but much better than that DISGUSTING GREEN MESS! Due to this, you have a really bad lack of sleep and you sometimes will take naps in REALLY UNCONVENTIONAL PLACES. But it's all worth not sleeping in that gross pile of slime!

You are, to be completely honest, all BRAINS and absolutely no BRAWN. You are INCREDIBLY TALL for your age, but also pretty LIGHT for your age. Your body looks like a stick. You've tried everything, but for now you're going to have to WAIT IT OUT and hope your weight will catch up to your awkward height soon.

Speaking of BRAINS, when you are not CLEANING, you enjoy READING. You find SCIENCE FICTION novels fascinating, and you read those the most. But you'll take anything that comes. Your BIBLIOPHILIA is also a contributing factor to your lack of sleep. You stay up well into the night to finish your books. You should probably stop this habit and try to get some sleep. But again, addiction is a powerful thing.

Your trolltag is ballisticHyperdrive and you're usually very polite and calm when speaking, but you F1IP OUT over the dumbest things a lot!!!!

What will you do?

Ang finally gets a ref post, and also a redesign. By the way, he's 5'9" (172cm). He weighs 120lbs. (54kg), so yeah he's skinny. I also aged him up to 7 sweeps because he just doesn't seem 13 year old material even for trolls.

Land of Desolation and Lakes, consorts are seagulls (which, unfortunately for ang, like to prey on fish). His denizen is the Loch Ness Monster, aka Nessie. (IT LIVES IN A LAKE, HIS PLANET IS THE LAND OF DESOLATION AND LAKES GET IT? haha)

He's a Derse dreamer (obviously, since he's on the blue team)

Sage of Rhyme. A sage is a wise man (which makes sense as Ang is pretty intellectually strong) and "Rhyme" because he likes books.

His Lusus is a gulper eel. It doesn't eat other lusii (most of the time!) and feeds on small creatures that live in the surrounding ocean. However, Ang has caught it with some oddly coloured blood stains on its teeth.

Symbol - Laguz. It's the lake rune, and looks like a straight vertical line with a diagonal line protruding from the top facing left. His horns resemble his symbol - both are straight up, and the left is hooked like his symbol.

His blood is perse (#550b68), and he's between Gamzee and Eridan on hemospectrum

Strife is 2xpistolKind. It's alchemized with a steampunk novel and soap. He almost made broomKind his weapon though.

Captchalogue - Card Catalogue modus. It allows for quick retrieval of objects and the cards are all sorted alphabetically. This would prove a hassle for most trolls especially those with organization problems, but Ang doesn't have a problem.

Trolltag - ballisticHyperdrive. Keeps his mood on DETESTFUL. He replaces l's with 1's if flustered/angry but uses correct grammar and punctuation otherwise. He also has a tendency to use big words.

♦ - Arancio
He and Arancio have been friends since they were about 3 sweeps old. Arancio teases him about lots of things (i.e. his obsessive cleanliness, his weight, his hair....everything), but they both are very close. Ang wishes he could be in red with her but Arancio only sees him as a friend (or moirail, since FRIENDSHIP ISN'T AN EMOTION in troll society).

♠ - Bravio (unrequited on Bravio's end)
Bravio hates Ang for stealing Arancio from him, and Anguilla is fully aware of this. But he mostly sees it as a trivial manner and shrugs Bravio off despite multiple attempts from Bravio to piss Ang off.

Ancestor - The Scripter
His ancestor was a scribe, and therefore regarded highly in society. He kind of screwed up his honor by hooking up with Arancio's ancestor though.

His name means eel (Anguilla) and royalty (Majestas) in Latin. So literally "royal eel". Yes, I am aware Anguilla is a Caribbean island but i don't feel like changing it deal with it.
As for his trolltag "ballistic" refers to his weapon, and "hyperdrive" refers to his love of science fiction. (For the uninformed, a hyperdrive is, in science fiction, a device which allows a space vehicle to travel faster than the speed of light, entering hyperspace; also, the state of such space travel. definition taken from here)


November 26, 2011 at 6:16pm
DETAILS, DETAILS. gotta love details hehe xD Anguilla's a really cool fantroll, Silv. :P
November 26, 2011 at 11:21am
Falling asleep in inconvenient places?

Anyways, this is really good Silv, picture and description! Makes me want to work on Arancio. ;0
November 26, 2011 at 11:30am
omg that picture so cute
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