> Be the pathetic blind kid

> Be the pathetic blind kid
Popecool November 26, 2011 at 1:19pm
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Silv's uploads inspired me to work some more on my fantroll. B) Worked out a more thorough bio (yet to be put into intro form, I'm afraid) and drew this little doodle here.

Name: Maziar Gegendir

Land: Land of Spires and Tempests. Consorts are moles. Denizen is Medusa.

Dreamself: Derse.

Age: 7 Sweeps old.

Biography: I’ve been thinking about writing some fanfics/comics based off the fantrolls, and I’m sure we’d explore Maziar’s there. B)

Symbol: A circle and a small eye shape. It reflects his horn shape as well as looking similar to an eye, reflecting his psychic abilities and his lack of working eyes. B)

Quadrants: Adelia Kaster (fellow blind troll) is his Moirail. In an INCIDENT WHICH MUST NEVER BE SPOKEN OF, his destined matesprit was slain and his eyes were slashed out. Due to this, he is extremely hesitant to fill his quadrants and only has retained his Moiraility with Adelia. Along with that, he occasionally finds himself thrust suddenly and unwillingly into an auspicticeship because he’s so passive and hard to anger.

Lusus/Sprite: Rainbow Drinker Bat. It often lurks in the upper belfries of Maziar’s huge spooky castle. It’s blind, but uses psychic abilities to locate and immobilize its prey. Maziar will sometimes find it with an interesting array of blood colors over it, and sometimes he suspects it feasts on trolls or their lusii. Presumably, it dies upon trying to hunt a troll and ends up getting killed itself--possibly a troll who joins the team?

Trollian: metallicDestroyer. All lower caps but perfect spelling and punctuation otherwise. Sometimes splits sentences up into multiple posts. Never uses emoticons except for ;3;, ;w;, ;u;, and the like, which he uses often.

Caste: Azure. This reflects into his title and his obsession with lords and ladies and the courts of eld. Because he’s very passive, he isn’t too much of a jerk when it comes to the blood hierarchy, but he values it very much and derives some pleasure out of the power he holds over the peasantbloods.

Title: Lord of Pain. This ties in with his interests in medieval times, his emo personality, and the absolute destruction he wreaks in the battlefield.

Strife Specibi: MaceKind. His favorite mace takes the form of a can of mace, and turns into GIGANTIC FREAKING MACE when he needs it to.

Modus: Spike Modus. It’s a ridiculously tricky, with the different items arranged like spikes on a mace, but Maziar’s got it pretty well figured out.

Interests: Maziar’s interests are of kings and courts and lords and ladies and knights and dragons and all those sweet medieval things. And above all else, courtly love. >w> He also has an interest in the ancient Rainbow Drinkers of legend; that is, not the sappy romantic Rainbow Drinkers of contemporary troll culture (which he considers an insult to both Rainbow Drinkers and the genre of romance, which he believes is best exemplified through courtly love), but the totes legit Rainbow Drinkers that lived in massive, spooky castles and did all sorts of terrifyingly horrible things.

Personality: He’s emo. :D;; Kind of an emotional trainwreck, yeah, his heart has been broken since his matesprit was killed. This sadness takes a lot of the characteristic troll aggressiveness out of him, leaving him much nicer—if really pathetic—than the average troll. That said, if he does flip out… things usually die. In large quantities. Like the knights in his favorite stories, he often goes about emotionally clad in armor (armor of EMO, that is) and it’s very hard to get him out of it. His favorite mood is DESPONDENT. Yaaay, depression. :D

Ancestor: The Protector. His Ancestor was a powerful and influential member of the upper class who served as the protector of a very important troll. Being an Ancestor, he had of course an incredible tale of court romance and intrigue and great despair, all of which is told in an ancient tome Maziar discovered a few sweeps ago. We might go into that tale later. ;P

Other: He has incredible psychic abilities that he uses in battle, to wield his preposterously large maces, and in daily life, to sense the presence of other beings and his surroundings, so that he doesn’t bump into and trip over stuff the whole time. Also, he has COOL BLIND PEOPLE SHADES that he occasionally wears. So swag. They probably function as a computer, as well. Obviously. B|


November 26, 2011 at 3:02pm
oh goodie a ref eejeefjfkdlfjal
November 26, 2011 at 5:48pm
eeeskdjfghjkl :'D
November 26, 2011 at 2:10pm
aiee his hair
aiiee them colors
aiieee Maziar is lovely in general :'|
November 26, 2011 at 2:11pm
aieee yay :D
November 26, 2011 at 1:45pm
"And above all else, courtly love. >w>"

Misread that as Courtney Love and nearly choked with laughter.

Also I love his horns. :D brb, drawing him.
November 26, 2011 at 1:46pm
Well yeah. Her too.

eee yay <3
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soooooo cool.

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