>Be the shiny armored troll.

>Be the shiny armored troll.
Metalcool December 12, 2011 at 4:12pm
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Say hello to The Crōsader (still pronounced like crusader). He's Lustro's ancestor.

The silver stuff is really reflective metal, like a mirror. And underneath that he is wearing a tunic(a la Legend of Zelda's Link). Actually, from his belt down is pretty much based on Link. The dead snake is there probably because he just despises serpents. It was there, so he killed it.

I'm not sure about his story yet. Kinda thinking he went around killing those who wanted to join the various revolts through Alternia's history. He thinks the Condense's rule is the best thing for Alternia, so he uses his shield as a razor sharp boomerang to slice and dice those who oppose all that is great about Alternia.

Y'know, like Captain Alternia.

But I'm still not sure if I want to go with that.


December 14, 2011 at 11:08am
When Captain Alternia throws his mighty respiteshield~

Pretty beast, it's got the Grand Highblood look to it. And you have the magical ability to somehow Condense the names of ancestors into eight letters. *double pistols and a wink*
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