LotE Chapter 40: Emerald Forests

LotE Chapter 40: Emerald Forests
Sparkleafexc December 26, 2011 at 10:54pm
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This is chapter 40 of Legend of the Exile. Enjoy!

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I had to rewrite Speedster's little spiel because the first time I wrote it, I was following the plot of Okami, and I meant to go by the actual myths xD;

And the Omega Warrior... Oh yes, we'll be seeing quite a bit of him soon.

And to clarify what Amber was saying:
When Kyria and Amber found Shock, they took him to the Mauville Daycare Center so that Kyria could properly tend to his broken leg (and thanks to magic it's almost healed). Now the thing is, the owners of the Mauville Daycare were killed when Giratina first attacked Hoenn, and thus no one was left to take that egg. When the three hid in the Daycare, Kyria took pity on the abandoned egg and decided to take it with her. That egg will later hatch into a prominent character in another story...


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