Pixel dump 2!

Pixel dump 2!
DragonDiamond August 9, 2012 at 1:14pm
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More pixels!
The creatures with eggs are, how do you call them, 'adoptables'.
Ok, I don't like that word. But they are.
Again, old fakemon here; but mix this time, too.
I wrote a date above some of them so I can remember when I made them...
...But I can't believe I made Sharpeon ( yes, looks too much like Sharpedon ) and Manersol on the same day, just like Cewbome and Espertric, and Sharpedon is only one day later. :(
I also made an animation of Sharpedon, but that animation is made some days before I made the sprite. Sometimes I don't understand my Laptop... Or myself. :(


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