Very old Hissi

Very old Hissi
DragonDiamond August 15, 2012 at 12:12pm
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Sorry. It's for the Neopets art gallery, AGAIN. :)
Never posted this, 'cause I thought it wasn't finished yet.
When I made this, I already said it's ugly. That's why I never finished it. But, I think it IS finished, now. And I don't think it's that ugly.

By the way, this art wasn't only for the Art Gallery... Back when I was 11 I wanted a Hissi. A REAL one. Never happened, though. So I made this; a grey Hissi. Digital art. And I told myself that Hissi aren't important. But I still wanted one! :( Now it doesn't matter anymore. I have my pets. No Hissi, but ok.

Whatever. So I was 11 when I made this.. :p
Made at 6-2-2011.


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