Makes me jump!

Makes me jump!
DragonDiamond October 13, 2012 at 12:43pm
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A frog that jumps to the right, made today, in around 10/20 minutes. Fun to do! Maybe animating isn't that difficult in Gimp. I remember I asked my sister years ago ( 2009? ) how to make animations in Gimp, she did explain me how to make them and I think I made a few animations with stick-figures ( I really don't know what my sister said back in that time, this year or last year I think I teached myself to make animations again ) but I didn't save one of that animations? Or was it only 1 animation? I can remember an animation from that time where a stick-figure bend over because there was flying an ufo above he's head. Random! My sister also learned me to save things as .gif when it must be an animation... That was hard to me... <:)


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