[LotE Bonus #5] Adversary

[LotE Bonus #5] Adversary
Sparkleafexc May 25, 2013 at 11:37pm
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Yes, I'm also working on the RouteSaga-- and it is moving a lot faster than before-- but this was so close to completion that I wanted to wrap it up first.

This is a story about Giratina the Exile, the villain of Legend of the Exile. I was going to save it for Halloween, but I have a better idea for a Halloween story.

It is a sequel to Fall From Grace, but reading that story is not necessary in order to understand this one. In fact, if you already read the first story, you may find yourself rereading it after this one.

Unlike that story, Adversary came from nothing more than a desire to make a good story. And in some ways, I think this may be a stronger story than the last, as far as establishing the Exile's origin goes.

Anyway, enjoy! And comments appreciated, as always.


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