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Artist's Alliance

Shortly following the Writer's Guild joke came the Artist's Alliance, a group dedicated to the visual art community of Route 50. Here, people may show off WIPs, find inspirational ideas, find tips and tricks on how to do what, and all those art-related topics.

It will also be here where we will set up the iScribble Party section where people can plan iScribble Parties, keep a list of usernames as reference, or just have an impromptu party and just announce that there's a party going on and when it's over.

From time to time, there may be mini-art assignments and contests held for the amusement of the members.

As an official group, the Artist's Alliance has a special privilege to have works showcased on The Evening Apricorn when it is released. If you're interested, feel free to join and have fun creating art.


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Route 50 Calendar - Change of Plans
December 16, 2012 at 1:44am

Salutations to one and to all, your Group Coordinator reporting.

Oh look, it's December.

So let's talk about calendars.

EDIT. Because this is important, so if you're going to tl;dr, read this part.

The calendar will become a school calendar, spanning August 2013 to July 2014. That means our deadlines have reached the summer season.

As expected (at least, I expected), the calendar remains unfinished, but that's all right. The previous news post mentioned the possibility, and considering November-December tends to be the school crunch time that ends first quarters/first semesters, I don't know why I would have ever imagined being done before winter break.

Right, but here lies the problem: 2013 is 15 or 16 days away. Can we finish by then? Perhaps, but let me bring up that this calendar project was brought up to be a fun, collaborative project for those of Route 50 who wanted to contribute and support Route 50 (and thank you all so very much for your continued support. Route 50 would not be what it is without all of you).

However, if a project becomes overly stressful and no longer fun (because I know some of the collaborations have basically fallen through and become solo projects), then the point of the project has basically disappeared. Now, I'm not saying that this calendar is a failure to what its intended purpose to be, but what I'm saying is that I don't want people to stress out and put a high priority on this thing.

I mean, really. It's December. It's almost Christmas. Relax and spend time with those important to you.

That being said, after a long-winded spiel of text, let's get to my point:

Do you want the calendar we are making to be for 2013 or 2014?

If we aim for 2013, that means we're basically going to have to book it and try to get everything done by the end of the year. That means that if we put the calendar up for sale, it'll be available January 2013. Erm. Hopefully.

If we aim for 2014, well. That basically means we have an entire year, so that if people want to make any edits to their calendar images, then by all means, do what you feel necessary since you (and the rest of your group if you're a part of one) are the creator(s).

I'm directing this question towards those who have offered to participate as, because you are the ones working on the project, I feel your input is the most important to figuring out what we want to do.

That being said, I will also raise the point of the mock staff calendar.

To be honest, I'm really hoping no one is actually anticipating it to be good, because my gosh, people, what, why would you spend your money on something like that?

In any event, the idea is like this: I will upload every image of the staff mock calendar so people know exactly why it's a waste of money. Srsly, I'm only doing this to amuse myself what I imagine it to be like. That being said, I will not put it up for sale.

At least, immediately.

If a good majority of people are still interested in buying the staff mock calendar for whatever reason, then I will also upload it to be on sale. I was really tempted to say that all the money 'earned' from the mock calendar (which is around, what, $1-2?) would go to mean as a mean to further dissuade people because, let's be serious, it'd be pretty twisted that I'd be making money off of Route 50, especially making it off of staff members when I don't even own anyone but myself.

So once again, if the staff calendar goes for sale, then the 'earnings' will still go to Route 50.

TL;DR: Current calendar for 2013 or change it to 2014 so basically have the entire year to prepare the calendar (and not have a calendar for 2013)?

Staff mock calendar taking an arrow to the knee. At least, some aspects.

That is all I have to report. If you have any questions, contact me either by base message or PM.

~Group Coordinator, Xetajaadm


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