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Quite Dead, Quite Dead

Posted April 20, 2011 at 8:24pm by Xetajaadm


Salutations to one and to all, your Group Coordinator reporting.

Yes, I understand that the last time I updated, it was, well... February. And now it is April. I have no excuse for my tardiness other than the generic ones.

But moving along, shall we have another 'assignment'?

This one is plain and simple: draw someone (anyone. Could be a persona, someone else's persona, your own character, etc...) in clothes they wouldn't normally wear. For example, wearing traditional Chinese clothing, or ye olde English clothes.

I suppose you could take this

as an example.

Other than that, news on the OCT.

YES. It's still on. However, I've decided that it will officially begin come summer time, giving people more time to either prepare and whatnot. Can I guarantee anything interesting for it? ...

... Well, we'll see.

On a separate note, I'm curious to know if anyone wants to 'request' a special prize for winning the OCT. What would you guys want as a 'motivational carrot'?

Other than that, that is all I have to report.

~Group Coordinator, Xetajaadm

May 20, 2011 at 5:08pm

But I'll try it anyway. Mmm, I'm thinking kimono...

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