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Route 50 Calendar

Posted September 5, 2012 at 4:44pm by Xetajaadm

Salutations to one and to all, your Group Coordinator reporting.

With the Routelympics over for the time being, the artists and poets? of Route 50 can band together to work on the next big project: the Route 50 Calendar.

I wonder if we should trademark that... Route 50™ calendars.

Right, anyways, currently, we have a poll going on about who's interested, but at this point, a vast majority has basically given positive feedback to the idea, therefore, we shall make this happen.

Now the only problem here is that even if I post this here, only 31 of our 79 members would see this, since only 31 members are subscribed, and not only that, not everyone is a part of the Artist's Alliance.

Therefore, perhaps I will make a separate group and use the announcement system to give this project more publicity. For the time being, however, the Route 50 calendar project will the 'promoted' through the Artist's Alliance.

Basically, this will be a project we work on every year to create a calendar for the following year. This year, we're going to be working on the calendar for 2013. Not sure how we want to do it yet and if we want to get these printed, we need to use some kind of service life or the like. Not sure if there are any other ones which we can use, but since some of you are interested in buying a physical calendar, we're going to have to figure out where we're printing these so that we can match the dimensions of the images.

We'll also need to know if people are more interested in a month-based calendar (where you flip it and have 12 images, plus 1 image for the cover) or an entire year calendar where you only have 1 image and all the months underneath in small print. More information to be disclosed in the discussion.

If we don't find any other possible printing services, we'll stick with Cafepress.

That is all I have to report. If you have any questions, contact me either by base message or PM.

~Group Coordinator, Xetajaadm

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