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Reader's Circle
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Reader's Circle

Following the universal law of threes, Reader's Circle is the last of the three guilds that I joked about along with the Writer's Guild and the Artist's Alliance. In Reader's Circle, members can post up a book list of what they've read, open topics for books so people can comment and discuss plot (be sure to use the spoiler tags when needed), and anything related to reading in general (not just books. Fanfiction counts as reading, too).

Working in conjunction with the other three 'guilds', members of the Reader's Circle may be asked to beta read works of the Writer's Guilds. As for the Artist's Alliance, there may be times when excerpts from books discussed here may be used as a subject of drawing. Things are still in the works.

Unlike the other two guilds, the Reader's Circle won't have any particular assignments or contests of sorts (unless people want them. Then I'll figure something out?). All the same though, as an official group, The Evening Apricorn may showcase a boo/novel/something we've read review for people to see.


+ Xetajaadm
Group Coordinator

The Circle Begins!
December 31, 2010 at 11:56am

Salutations to one and to all. Your Group Coordinator reporting.

With the start of the Groups, I've gone and started three official Groups (oh my). So of course, Reader's Circle's purpose is evident: for the readers!

That aside, we're here to promote reading all over Route 50. This also includes encouraging people to read other posts in RPs.

There's nothing much else to say atm. If you have any suggestions, I'd love to hear it. PM me or leave a comment on my base here.

I'll also be looking for other admins to join me in moderating this official guild. Hopefully, things will turn out well.

With that said, welcome.

~Group Coordinator, Xetajaadm



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