Inazuma Eleven!
Inazuma Eleven!


Posted July 25, 2012 at 2:26pm by Raicool

Ahem. The title says it all. The utterly-stunning-fabulously-beautiful coach has been keeping this place nice and updating it whereas I suck and don't do very much at all. OTL

That aside, as I said, there are things to be done, so we had better get started.

FIRSTLY, if you're participating in the Inazuma Chorus for the singing of Mata Kisetsu, you should check the discussion board for the Inazuma Chorus. I've pinned it and updated it a little, and hopefully I'll keep updating it as we go. Hopefully. I make no promises, but we'll see. I don't think I can really sing atm but I'll practice when there's no one around. :U The Commander is completely unwilling to sing in the presence of my relatives so I suppose we'll have to wait until we get back home to the rainy north before we can really start recording.
Also, I guess I'll just post the lyrics Xeta sent me last night so you kids can go practice it if you'd like?'s difficult to load Skype history on an itouch. Or do anything involving typing and whatnot, really. But oh well. :I Also, um. Could someone tell me the code for the hide/show thingamajig? The lyrics are kinda long.
<Well, Holy Emperor, sir, did you ever try [hide][/hide]? It seems pretty straightforward.>

Anyways, secondly...

...Actually, I'm not sure that I had anything else to say in the first place. But I suppose if you haven't already, you could make a fan character and join us ('us' almost certainly meaning Xeta and I orz orz) in doing silly things and having strange dreams..? e__e It's up to you to decide if you really want to do that, lolol.

And that is all I have to say for now! I get to spend some quality time with my homework now, so I will update this if I think of anything else I need to mention. Yay.


Some Things to Update

Posted May 5, 2012 at 8:59pm by Xetajaadm

Salutations to one and to all. Your coach here with nothing important other than some updates. Kind of.

First and foremost, hurray, new Route 50. Nothing's changed, but if you haven't watched the group yet, well, you really should.

Next on the queue of things to discuss (well, not that we have anything of great urgency /to/ discuss) are GROUP ACTIVITIES.

That's right. Let's actually utilize Groups! As you may notice, we have a Calendar for events. Aw yeah. What does this mean for our group? Honestly, nothing, if we don't take initiative. Clearly, this means we should take the initiative.

I guess it also means leave everything to be accomplished by the Coach. JK

OKAY, LET'S GET TO THE 'MEAT' of this update.


Inazuma Chorus
-This idea has been thrown in occasionally, but never really explored, most likely due to time constraints with school, other obligations, and lack of interest/motivation/dedication. With summer break coming, perhaps it's time we go back to this?

No one is expecting phenomenal singing (I'm absolutely horrid), so really, this is all just meant to be a bunch of fun. It will be even more fun if we create a video with OCs for the songs, too. IDK

Inazuma Eleven Marathon
-Because as far as I know, only two of us in this Group have even finished watching all 127 episodes of the first series. Not even the Holy Emperor has finished watching (for shame, Holy Emperor). However, watching the episodes together would make things much more interesting, yes?

I know only up until around 90 or so episodes are on Youtube that we can use for Watch Together or some kind of site that allows groups to watch videos together, but that's around 90 episodes. Once we reach that point, I suppose we have to figure out what to do about the rest, but I think this would be a fine idea to get everyone watching/EDUCATING THEMSELVES OF THE SERIES. JK

That aside, we can use the calendar widget to set up times and dates for when we can congregate on Skype and whatnot to watch together.

Let's NOT Play: Inazuma Eleven!
-At this point, I have realized that I do not just like Inazuma Eleven, but I am, in fact, very much in love with the series. Which is pathetic, all things considered, but I suppose I must admit it now. On this note, I am very much willing to do a mock Let's Play of the Inazuma Eleven games currently out in English (Inazuma Eleven: Remastered, and Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm/Blizzard. I'll be playing Blizzard). I won't be uploading them on youtube, but instead, I will be recording them and then replaying the recording on livestream.

It's kind of crummy and really crappy, but you get all my snarky commentary that goes along with the 'Xeta-package'. Also, the idea of me 'pretending'/role-playing as my OC Sho has been considered for this. IDK how that will work, but... eh.

Also, even if people don't express much interest in this, I will still be doing it for lulz. For an example of this sort of mock let's-playing, I redirect you here and look at the videos titled TEAM GANGSTA. I think some parts are missing, but eh, you sort of get the idea.

I'll be using the calendar widget to say when I'll livestream my recorded videos.


That is all this coach has to say.

U.S.B.F.-G.G.-D. Coach, signing out.


Completely Irrelevant, but Relevant to Your Interest

Posted March 13, 2012 at 12:14pm by Xetajaadm

Or at least this group. Anyways, children, March 16th. Do you understand the significance of this date?

I doubt it. If it's your birthday, happy birthday, but I do not draw your attention onto March 16th to celebrate a birthday.

No, instead, it is the day that Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm/Blizzard is released in Europe. The US doesn't have its own version (I suppose that's a good thing; we can listen to those silly British accents all day, lads. Or should I say lasses and lad?) so it's technically not the day we can buy it. For that matter, does this mean we need to import it? I don't know these things, I normally don't buy games until years past their release.

But yes, this date is relevant to this interest. If not your interest, the group's interest.

This gives me good reason to go back writing out my playthrough. I may even drop my Nuzlocke for this. It's just that relevant to me. Which is disturbing. Little children playing soccer vs. battling magical monsters.

The world is really screwy these days.

That aside, this group REALLY should do something. Can't sing unless there's time and no other surrounding noises. Hm. But the Inazuma Chorus is still a viable activity.

Perhaps we can have an Inazuma Eleven Marathon? 127 episodes, 25 minutes per episode, which is around 31 hours and 45 minutes in total? Not including the Ogre movie which we should watch, too. Hm...

You know, we should totally have an art soccer game.


That is all this coach has to say.

U.S.B.F.-G.G.-D. Coach, signing out.


Belated News, but News Nonetheless

Posted December 5, 2011 at 9:24pm by Xetajaadm

Since this is the 'main' post, there is no need to color this text nor shrink it unless I'm 'graffiting' my own words.

In any event, for some time, we've had seven members.


That's right. Legendary seven.

We're really not going to dispute that Poffincool is the commander, Creamsiclecool is the Team Manager, and I'm the utterly stunningly beautifully fabulous-genius gamemaker-derpy coach, which means we really only have 'four' members since that is neither here nor there as collectively, we have our seven.


That's right.

First, hassle the new transfer student who is amazing at soccer flaming soccer ball in the FACE and ask him/her to join the soccer club, but then be scorned because said transfer student has stopped playing soccer because his/her younger sibling (most ideally, younger sister) is currently hospitalized and he/she believes its his fault.

Second, recruit the Captain's childhood friend, AKA Frosticoord.

And third, recruit someone with very little next to no presence, someone who is bored and wants to kill time, and finally, some guy who wants to be the ace, but is really just a lazy bum.

JK, JK, but really. We have a process here before we can become a LEGEND.

Just kidding, too.

Anyways, that aside, we really feel like we should DO something because aside from art that the Holy Emperor Captain and I are providing (mostly OC artwork, oh gosh), nothing really is going on here.


What do you guys think we should do?

I have some Inazuma Eleven fan stories that I want to start typing up, but alas, Coach is busy. <Not that it's important, but you could ask the Holy Emperor herself how much I draw crack/procrastinate with Inazuma Eleven OCs.>

If anyone looks in the discussions (which is rare? IDK), you'll notice that Holy Emperor Captain has put up a Inazuma Chorus<which can be found HERE> thing that I think would be really fun to do if everyone has some form of microphone, recording device, and the courage to actually try to sing Inazuma songs, but we can't do it without participation.

There are probably other things we could do like create our own Inazuma Eleven team (pst pst, kitchen appliances, unite!) or do a collaborative story, or just draw stuff, but that's only if people participate.

And really, we only have 7 people, so I can't expect much here. XD *shot*


That is all this coach has to say.

U.S.B.F.-G.G.-D. Coach, signing out.

Gosh darn it, Holy Emperor, my title is just getting longer.
I'll make sure your titles become as amazing as Yui's, coach. You have my word. =w=b
<And yes, I'm graffiting my own post. GRAFFITI AWAY, TEAM.>


Join the soccer club! щ(゚Д゚щ) DO ITTTTT

Posted August 22, 2011 at 6:38pm by Raicool

Coach's Announcement: Obviously superior to the Holy Emperor's Captain's announcements that follow, I am obviously abusing my authority yet again to inform our masses of this very important situation:


:userSwotsy: has joined our masses and we happily welcome her. But it is the fact she joined that is more important. Why?

I'll tell you later. The coach needs to do something.


Okay, I return to explain. We almost have our initial seven who will soon become legends once all this takes off. Once we have seven members, we should get our Holy Emperor Captain to recruit her best friend in the athletics club and hound the new transfer whose sister is in the hospital because of soccer.

It's just the procedures of how we should do this.

Holy Emperor Rai here! Uhh I'm definitely not as eloquent a writer as Xetaja is unless it's for some silly language arts assignment but your lame captain will try nevertheless! <Since when was I an eloquent writer? People are so strange.> how dare you call the holy emperor strange //slap LOLJK

Anyways, we only have four members right now and we're all officers;; so it's not a terribly big community in fact it's actually quite tiny but that's okay, the holy emperor captain commands that you spread the joy of what is known as soccer and make this an awesome community 8D Either way, we're going to have FUNN and draw lots and lots of sexy inazuma here and PARTAYYYY YEAH

Also, officer introductionss: (also written by rai and therefore also lame)

Rai is your local Holy Emperor I mean, Captain, and generally doesn't do anything but eat, sleep, go to school, draw, and manage this group rather lamely. But I'll be trying to hold contests and fun event whatnots soon...! Also, I draw lame things. (s-shin-sama! xoxo commander <3)
<You lie, you don't draw lame things.> ilu kantoku ♥ ! -captain
<ILU, too, Holy Emperor Captain!>

Poffin is the blonde and sunglasses-wearing creeper commander! ..Except for the fact that Poffin is not actually blonde in real life but nobody cares so yeah. Also, Poffin draws cute stuff. uwaah gross how could you write that in the holy emp--err, captain's introduction..! not xoxo captain </3

<Xetaja> is the coolest kantoku/coach/whateverlanguageyoureading everrrr! Actually, I don't know all that much about Xetaja except that we both like Inazuma Eleven (then again, everyone here does) and the fact that she has an extensively classy vocabulary;; It is near impossible for me to find her sometimes due to her invisibility and lurking but yeah. Also, Xetaja draws sexy ♥sexmazing!♥ stuff.
<I'm online almost all the time, so if you leave a message on my base or PM me, I'll probably respond soon...ish. And I just draw stuff, not sexy stuff. XD That's awkward to draw.> ah okay, i'll try to keep that in mind. also, lies..mistre was sexy enough <3

♥Creamsicle♥ is the awesome team manager who sings and draws and stays up late. Or at least she used to. ♥ninjaing rt50 at 4am yeeeee♥ Oh yeah, and she has a shiny drifloon named Sherry whom is currently in my possession wait that's not related to soccer. ♥if it's round, you can kick it. :0♥ Also, Creamsicle draws adorablee stuff.

and there you go! lame introductions by fail!holyemperor who really is fail =w=b

EDIT: Actually we now have 5 members :'D -throws confetti- Gentle-Glaceon is our newest (and first non-officer) member! ;A;

also brb captain is going to go cry tears of happiness now

First: Obviously abusing my authority as an officer of this group, I decree that all officers feel free to edit these news posts as they please in a comical, conversational manner as the Holy Emperor Captain, Commander, and I have demonstrated above. While it will make reading these news posts impossible, it will simply be a sacrifice we may make for our own amusement. That is all I have to say for the time being. End notes.

Second: Just to make things a bit more obvious about who's writing what as we graffiti the news, each officer should do something to make their 'notes' obvious theirs. For example, all my notes will be blue, small, and surrounded by the more/less than signs. I've even edited my name up there in the Holy Emperor's introduction for me to resemble my notes. That is all I have to say for the time being. End notes. Again.