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Inazuma Eleven!
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Some Things to Update

Posted May 5, 2012 at 8:59pm by Xetajaadm

Salutations to one and to all. Your coach here with nothing important other than some updates. Kind of.

First and foremost, hurray, new Route 50. Nothing's changed, but if you haven't watched the group yet, well, you really should.

Next on the queue of things to discuss (well, not that we have anything of great urgency /to/ discuss) are GROUP ACTIVITIES.

That's right. Let's actually utilize Groups! As you may notice, we have a Calendar for events. Aw yeah. What does this mean for our group? Honestly, nothing, if we don't take initiative. Clearly, this means we should take the initiative.

I guess it also means leave everything to be accomplished by the Coach. JK

OKAY, LET'S GET TO THE 'MEAT' of this update.


Inazuma Chorus
-This idea has been thrown in occasionally, but never really explored, most likely due to time constraints with school, other obligations, and lack of interest/motivation/dedication. With summer break coming, perhaps it's time we go back to this?

No one is expecting phenomenal singing (I'm absolutely horrid), so really, this is all just meant to be a bunch of fun. It will be even more fun if we create a video with OCs for the songs, too. IDK

Inazuma Eleven Marathon
-Because as far as I know, only two of us in this Group have even finished watching all 127 episodes of the first series. Not even the Holy Emperor has finished watching (for shame, Holy Emperor). However, watching the episodes together would make things much more interesting, yes?

I know only up until around 90 or so episodes are on Youtube that we can use for Watch Together or some kind of site that allows groups to watch videos together, but that's around 90 episodes. Once we reach that point, I suppose we have to figure out what to do about the rest, but I think this would be a fine idea to get everyone watching/EDUCATING THEMSELVES OF THE SERIES. JK

That aside, we can use the calendar widget to set up times and dates for when we can congregate on Skype and whatnot to watch together.

Let's NOT Play: Inazuma Eleven!
-At this point, I have realized that I do not just like Inazuma Eleven, but I am, in fact, very much in love with the series. Which is pathetic, all things considered, but I suppose I must admit it now. On this note, I am very much willing to do a mock Let's Play of the Inazuma Eleven games currently out in English (Inazuma Eleven: Remastered, and Inazuma Eleven 2: Firestorm/Blizzard. I'll be playing Blizzard). I won't be uploading them on youtube, but instead, I will be recording them and then replaying the recording on livestream.

It's kind of crummy and really crappy, but you get all my snarky commentary that goes along with the 'Xeta-package'. Also, the idea of me 'pretending'/role-playing as my OC Sho has been considered for this. IDK how that will work, but... eh.

Also, even if people don't express much interest in this, I will still be doing it for lulz. For an example of this sort of mock let's-playing, I redirect you here and look at the videos titled TEAM GANGSTA. I think some parts are missing, but eh, you sort of get the idea.

I'll be using the calendar widget to say when I'll livestream my recorded videos.


That is all this coach has to say.

U.S.B.F.-G.G.-D. Coach, signing out.