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The Monthly Bash

The Monthly Bash is for those of us who need a little reminder for our friends' birthdays and to celebrate every now and then. Every month we'll post a newspost of who's birthday it is - so tracking the group is recomended. There will also be a week notice before somebody's birthday. Just to be sure of things.

Since the group is called "Monthly Bash" you can also suspect there to be events specific for the month, not just birthdays. Such as an event for Christmas (Secret Santa.) Group members may submit ideas for events aswell.

TMB's birthday is : October 7, 2011

I Vote for Turducken this Year
November 6, 2011 at 10:20pm

The time for candy taking is over, sadly, and it's time to put away the vampire teeth until next year. But this month it's all about turkeys turkeys and turkeys. And potatoes. Yum. Not to mention hand-shaped turkeys. And pilgrims, sitting along with the native Americans.

I think I'll start updating the newspost every sixth of the month. But that doesn't mean that people who have birthdays before the sixth will be mentioned after the fact, oh no. They'll be mentioned the month before, yuppity.

I have to thank twiggycool and for helping me get some birthdays. If anyone notices their/a friend's birthday isn't on here, please tell me. I would hate it for them to go on aging away without us knowing. ;v; And don't forget I still need some artists to help me decorate this place.

Thank you to Sheep for making TMB's icon! <3


  • - Nov. 17

  • For this month I'd like you to do two things. For sure I'd like you guys to make your sonas along with your birthday and mentioning a couple of your interests and/or hobbies. We don't have any badges yet so, sorry. ovo;
  • This month just for fun you can depict yourself with your family or friends all enjoying Thanksgiving. Sorry for not doing any really fun stuff this month. I've been bombarded lately, but it'll be more fun next time!


And so it has been born! October 7, 2011 at 8:45pm


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