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The Mythos Archive

The Mythos Archive, as stated in the description, is "Dedicated to the preservation of Route 50's unique and entirely imaginative backstory."

You might be wondering what that means. Begin text wall! 8D

To be honest, I don't know where it started. Most likely the Pokeray, an interesting invention dreamed up by the Route 50 member :userTwill:. That, my friends, was like a small pebble thrown down a mountain side. That pebble starts out small, but it starts to pick up other pebbles and... wait, wrong analogy. What I meant was when a small ball of snow starts rolling down a hill, it picks up snow and dirt and sticks (and sometimes pebbles!) and by the time it reaches the bottom, it is massive.

The Pokeray was that small ball of snow, and it eventually picked up things like the 'Tails Doll' and the 'EeveeBot'. Eventually another member, Sparkleafexc, started writing a fictionalized (with inspiration from true events) account of Route 50's "history". This became known as the Saga.

That ball--now more like a boulder-- is still rolling. It has collected dozens of the randomest things one could imagine and combined them together in a glorious kaleidoscope of beautifully creative, imaginative...stuff. Or something.

We didn't really know what to call that boulder of snow, so I attached to that boulder with glue of awesomeness some fancy word I learned off of Wikipedia. That fancy word was 'Mythos'.

More (much more) information can be found on our very own wiki, Route 50 Wiki. (Imaginative titling or what?)

For those of you bored enough to read all of that, thanks.



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January 23, 2011 at 1:17pm

This just in! It has recently been discovered that the Tails Doll's theme is not "Can You Feel The Sunshine", but the ACID remix of this amazing song. "Can You Feel The Sunshine" was closely examined at great length; in it was found cheery and upbeat tones and inspirational lyrics which speak of reaching out for one's dreams, which relate far more closely to Miles Tails Prower than his evil duplicate. The Tails Doll is a corrupted imitation of Tails. By inference, the corrupted form of Tails' theme is the Tails Doll's theme.

"Can You Feel the Sunshine"
The ACID remix

"Can You Feel The Sunshine" has been exonerated. Thank you for your time.


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