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My Halloween Contest Entry

My Halloween Contest Entry
My Halloween Contest Entry
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The forced friends...


This eevee's name is unknown,but most people call it 'The death smile'.This eevee is very dangerous.This eevee like to cut things,it will cut everything,including its own face...and even its friends.So, just a warning to you,NEVER TRUST THIS EEVEE AND NEVER GO OUT ALONE ON HALLOWEEN!

This Riolu is one of the haunted friends,those scars on its body was caused by the eevee,it's suffering in real pain and it is the eevee's slave so it has to do whatever the eevee told it to do,or else it will get cut...

This quilava is very,very sensitive but sometime it can be very aggressive. Once, it tried to escape from the eevee but it failed and the eevee cut its body everywhere,the quilava almost die.It have to suffer the pain till today...

This glaceon is someone's pokemon..One day it went out on halloween alone and it went to a tree,it sat down and out of no where an eevee with a creepy face cut it in the eye and mouth.The eevee told it to be friend with it or else it will get cut again so the glaceon became friend with the creepy

This is my Halloween contest entry.

Please tell me if this is scary enough and also tell me which one scared you the most.:D

Please do not copy my ideas,thank you :)

I might update the drawing later to make it better.

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