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TinierMe People
Tiny people with big personalities!
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TinierMe People

Welcome! :D
My TinierMe name is Parti.
Feel free to add me, though I'd prefer you'd leave a nice message in that request as well as something along the lines of "joined your group, my Route50 name is _________"

Rules? well, be nice and respectful of course! No ripping off people's art and be polite! Any sort of rude behavior is not tolerated.
You MAY post your DS's here, but let's try and keep that all in one folder maybe?

I do commissions, art trades, and sometimes requests. I'm better at traditional over digital, chibis over regular, but I love all. :D


+ PartialAbsol

Your first news post!
February 23, 2012 at 2:36pm

Welcome to your new group! Feel free to edit or delete this news post. Enjoy :)



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