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Hello! If you want to help out making our "Route 50 gazette", this is the place to be! You can join us if you want to be informed on updates, or want to participate in writing articles, making art, or just giving suggestions!

If you just are looking for a place to read our newspapers, please check out our mascot's gallery : Hershal

All help is welcome, don't be shy to join!

If you want to help out, be sure to check out our discussion page, where all content is discussed and we put on updated lists on the specific needs of the next issue of the gazette!


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The Route 50 Gazette Reward Initiative
September 28, 2012 at 3:27am

Hello lovely Route 50 authors and artists! <3

The Route 50 Gazette team immensely appreciates your participation in the paper , so we thought we could give a little something back to you all!

Introducing The Route 50 Gazette Reward Initiative!

The way it works:
-This reward system is meant to give people on the site an incentive to create for the Route 50 Gazette and make it the best publication it can be. Every submission to the Gazette awards the creator of that submission points. These points can be used as a currency to “purchase” rewards on the list below.

- Every article is worth 1 point for every published page of the gazette it covers (ie. A three-page article would reward the creator 3 points)

- Every drawing is worth 1 point, while every complex drawing and comic is worth 2 points

-Please don’t try to write an entire newspaper or submit 10 drawings at once trying to get more points, it won’t do you any good because we probably won‘t choose your drawing for publication if we feel you are submitting only to cheat into the reward system.

Asking for a Reward:
- When you obtain enough points for a certain reward, please send a Mail to either Coolio or Miguel (depending on the reward you want) and we’ll get right on creating it for you!

- You do not have to use your points right when you have enough for a certain reward level. For example, if you reach 5 points, but you don’t want any of the 5 point level rewards, then you can save up for whichever reward you’d like!

- Coolio and Miguel are both trust-worthy, as they’ve both completed commissions for people on the internet and sent their products to the houses of those who ordered them safely. If you choose to use your points for a reward which requires a physical item to be sent to you, please remember that your address will be secure and not used for anything other than sending you your reward.

Reward Tiers:
1 Point- Hooray, you're on the list of people who are awesome enough to have points!
5 Points- A small sprite (Ex. Pokemon Chao) by Coolio
5 Points- A small drawing of one character by Miguel
10 Points- A more elaborate sprite (Ex. Revamp) by Coolio
10 Points- A medium-sized drawing of one character by Miguel
15 Points- A sprite sheet of your Pokemon character by Coolio
15 Points- A medium-sized drawing of two characters by Miguel
20 Points- 10 elaborate sprites (Ex. Crystal revamps) made by Coolio
20 Points- A large-sized drawing of your Pokemon team by Miguel
25 Points- A free chibi sculpture by Coolio sent to you
25 Points- A free art print from Miguel sent to you
30+ Will be unlocked when people get this far!

The tallies of people’s points will be kept in a different discussion located here!

We look forward to seeing everything you guys create!


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