Fire Types United
Fire Types United
For all fans of the flame
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Fire Types United

Greetings to you all!

I made this group after seeing so many [insert type here] Types United groups, but no fire types D: From my love of these flaming Pokemon, I made one. All fire-type fans welcome to chat and contribute.

Fire, to most people, resemble destruction. That is why people fear it, stay away from it. However, only when one approaches Fire, embraces it even, will one feel the pleasurable warmth that Fire actually is.

Well then, let's get the party started!!


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Pokemon Online Challenge
April 9, 2013 at 7:22am

Well, I feel kinda cocky confident right now, so I'm hosting challenges at Pokemon Online. I'll be accepting two kinds of challenges; one is a mixed team challenge, and the other a team consisting dully of Fire-Types. Mixed teams will be challenged with a mixed team, and monotype fire teams will be challenged by fire.

also looking for an excuse to test out teams for a fire gym team <w<

EDIT: Internet's kinda derping, and so I may not be able to gain a connection stable enough for battles until next month. Where bandwith's refreshed.

Written by Metatyph


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