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Team Star Dust
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Team Star Dust

This is a Team that I thought of when I was bored and came up with a Pokemon story which I will release to the community soon


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Lonely Darkrai

Lonely Darkrai
Lonely Darkrai
Added Aug 7 by AquaTail
this took me about 2 hours to draw :/ but I like the way it turn out :D

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July 18, 2012 at 10:24am

This is the world of Pokemon. The realm of Pokemon is a beautiful world, full of mystery and legends. Few people in this world have gone though quite so much loneliness as this boy Kada. Now, Kada has spent the last ten years of his life ignored by his mother, and dismissed by his father, and his resulting soul-crushing loneliness has caused him to spend his days with the wild Pokemon. Even though the Pokemon were his friends, this fifteen year old teen felt like he was the only person in the world. He had a great dream of one day becoming a powerful Pokemon trainer. In his time he worked training his Pokemon friends, a Riolu he called Roatora (Roa-tor-a) and a Zorua he called Netrota (Net-ro-ta). He has trained with them for many, many years. Kada is about to meet me, Professor Pine. I study Pokemon in the Padara (Pa-dar-a) region. This is a region of great water falls, mountains, city's, oceans, forests, rivers, and lakes. By now you should be completely filled in with the story so far, so let's get a closer look at what Kada is doing now, shall we?

Written by Yx7563 and edited by THE_EVIL_CHEEPO


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