Naruto Fan Clan!!!
Naruto Fan Clan!!!
Founded Jan 1, 2011
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Naruto Fan Clan!!!

Hello Naruto fans!
You can start a discussion about anyone from Naruto (Or Shippuden,ect.)
Start your own Naruto Fan-Fiction,and hang out with other fans!
You can post your Naruto art,and comment on other member's art.
Naruto is the best Anime/Manga series ever,BELIVE IT!!!



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Gallery Submissions for group

You can post any of your Naruto art,and/or,a base style!I posted a base style for the group.You can pretty much post any Naruto related art.


Welcome to the Clan!
January 1, 2011 at 12:40pm

Hi,and welcome to the 'Naruto Fan Clan'!

This group is full of Naruto fans from all over the world.You can start a discussion on anything Naruto related,and/or start your own Naruto fan-fiction!

You can submit your own Naruto art-work,and comment on other people's work!

The administation of this group can write News,too.
If you'd like to be hired,PM me why you want to help run the group.

With all of that said,if you have a question,I'll start a "Group Questions and Help" dicussion for us.

Thank you for joining!



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