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Pokemon Collectors
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Pokemon Collectors

Do you like fluffy things? Do you like action figures? How about those, but in Pokemon form?

Pokemon Collectors is a group that celebrates the ever-awesome hobby of collecting Pokemon merchandice. Whether you have only 10 Pokemon figures and plush, or over 200, you're welcome to geek out about our favorite hobby among people who share it.

Show us/tell us about your favorite items, your most wanted items, and how you display (or don't display) your collection, we're all ears!


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Still Alive Out There?
August 2, 2011 at 5:46am

Hey Pokemon Collectors!

It has certainly been quiet in this group for the past months.
What's everybody up to? How's your collecting going?
Check the Discussion Tab for some new threads to tell us all about it!

The most recent collecting news in the US is the McDonald's promotion that ended on July 7th. Anybody here get all of them, or is still trying to get the rest from auction sites? Post a comment!

I hope you all are doing well!


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