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Posted May 27, 2013 at 1:55pm by Popecool

Working on stuff.

Get out the way, because the meta train's comin'



Posted March 20, 2013 at 1:05pm by Popecool

While Projects are specific things that we as a community can explore and undertake, my goal for the arts is a little broader, and I'm hoping it'll inspire you guys to contribute even more.

For those of you who don't exactly go for the arts, don't panic. That's why I'm establishing this in the first place; people who aren't the most 'artsy' can almost always contribute to Projects, to Community, and the Mythos (articles forthcoming). I'm just trying to make this all more transparent. And hey, if that still bums you out a little: maybe you should start pursuing art a little, if you care that much. And I mean, seriously: I'm including roleplaying here. Is roleplaying that hard?

And this can be real life, digital, pixeling, sketching, whatever. The point is, I'd like to establish a more clear-cut call to commitment and community concerning creativity. (I swear that happened naturally.)

Remember, we have an Artist's Alliance. What I'm trying to suggest is that we all consider taking it a step forward, in how we draw individually and together. About... being a part of something bigger than yourself. That is what most of this Meta thing is about, and as such, this is what I'm trying to get at specifically with this drawing thing.

I'm not talking specifically about the mythos--although that plays into it. (You'll find a lot of things here play into each other.) I'm just trying to encourage you all to draw with more focus--whether with each other or about each other, one of the best ways to fight art block is to find a goal to fight towards. So brainstorm about it! I know that I can't wait to dream up some hilarious collaborative shenanigans.

Ultimately, a lot of what I said above applies here. Yes, we have a Writer's Guild, but what can we do with it? Route 50 stories? Pokemon stories? How about developing an open system within the guild that encourages collaboration and inspiration? Any thoughts to what that could like? (I can't do all the work here, people.)

By its very nature, roleplaying is extremely connected to our concept of community and collaboration, but because of its creative side I'm including it here in the Arts. How can we develop a system around roleplaying? We've talked about a roleplaying tutorial and I've been suggesting launching a new frontier of roleplays, but what would that look like? Would you like to be a part of planning that out? Would you like to simply join the roleplays? We need participation, yo.

I think we could potentially start a central roleplay group, and by extension launch individual groups for hardcore roleplays that need it, as we've discussed. (Simple roleplays, probably not so much!)

Thoughts on the above, people? Would you like to help plan out these systems? Would you like to participate in them?


---Project Index---

Posted March 16, 2013 at 8:53pm by Popecool

We'll go over each project in their own discussion section, but for now I'm making an index. (I feel as if projects would be more easily listed in the group, where they can be freely discussed, as opposed to the manifesto. All in all, a lot of stuff might slowly make it's way out of the manifesto and into discussion sections.)

Meta-discussion involving projects can go here, of course.

So far:

General: What can we do together, as a community? On a meta sense, this very thing. But, on the ground level... what? A mythos? Stories? Comics? Jokes? Fanart? How about an organized effort at that? Things like... the Route 50 Newspaper. Routebent. The (sadly stalled) calendar. Projects.

Route 50 dressup game

A Route 50 roleplay tutorial

Route 50 tumblr

The Route 50 Wiki!

Route 50: DeviantArt!


So! Think of other fun projects yourselves, guys! Anything that could be really--competitions, collaborations, whatever! Be sure to comment and contribute any ideas you have about anything, heh.


Welcome, all!

Posted March 16, 2013 at 8:10pm by Popecool

So, March 16th was a pretty awesome day. It seems that a lot of people want to bring Route 50 to its fullest potential.

Remember: our job is to help everyone realize what can be accomplished simply by bothering to hang out with people and get to know and love them. Not to mention playing games, writing stories, and making art!

We're aiming for a lot of crazy, idealistic stuff that might not happen. But, at the very least, we might have some fun with fun people!

Few questions:
1) When do you guys think we should hash out positions?
2) Do you guys think we should have regular meetings?
3) Can anyone make a specific chat for Meta-related stuff?

As a general principle,

Remember, if you have a gmail account, you can always comment on the manifesto. We appreciate any and all input and contribution--hey, that's the whole point of this thing! And, if not, you can always bring up something you're curious about or what to address in the discussion section.


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