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---Project Index---

Posted March 16, 2013 at 8:53pm by Popecool

We'll go over each project in their own discussion section, but for now I'm making an index. (I feel as if projects would be more easily listed in the group, where they can be freely discussed, as opposed to the manifesto. All in all, a lot of stuff might slowly make it's way out of the manifesto and into discussion sections.)

Meta-discussion involving projects can go here, of course.

So far:

General: What can we do together, as a community? On a meta sense, this very thing. But, on the ground level... what? A mythos? Stories? Comics? Jokes? Fanart? How about an organized effort at that? Things like... the Route 50 Newspaper. Routebent. The (sadly stalled) calendar. Projects.

Route 50 dressup game

A Route 50 roleplay tutorial

Route 50 tumblr

The Route 50 Wiki!

Route 50: DeviantArt!


So! Think of other fun projects yourselves, guys! Anything that could be really--competitions, collaborations, whatever! Be sure to comment and contribute any ideas you have about anything, heh.

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