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Contest Palace!
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Contest Palace!

Meet our new mascots, Clover and Meowth, by Frosti and Kai respectively!

Do you LOVE contests? Do you LOVE competitions?! Find one just right for you here at Contest Palace! Most contests and competitions offer prizes, and today might be your chance! Do you feel lucky enough?

Please feel free to start up your own contests in the discussion threads!


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Current Contests!

Halloween Contest held by Leoparddir

Please send an Officer a link to any contests you are holding in separate groups!

Group Rules and Contest tips
August 2, 2013 at 2:10am

It should go without saying as to the group rules, but to make the whole thing foolproof, I'd better leave them here anyway.

1) Anyone can make a discussions thread about plans of their contest, or for the actual contest itself. But please please please try and keep the threads relevant.

2) Don't be a butt if you don't win. Nobody likes a sore loser.

3) Likewise, please don't gallivant it around if you win.

4) Adding on to that, please just generally respect each other and each others' abilities. Not everyone can be as good as you and everybody has a right to enter contests.

Contest Tips:

1) Be reasonable. Everybody likes a challenge, but if you create a contest asking people to be perfect in what they do, I don't think it'll go down too well.

2) Don't be afraid to ask for extra judges. Normally, extra judges make the final decision fairer than it would be otherwise, and then everyone's happy!

3) Keep it interesting and updated! If you want to keep people sending in entries, make sure you keep updating the master post with current entries and a count down to the deadline.

4) Give people and incentive. Make them motivated and hyped to win the contest! I'll leave that up to your own imagination. C:

Also, if you're holding a contest in a different group, please give me a link and I will include it in a list of current contests in the group page!

- Leoparddir



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