Black Rock Shooter Fans
Black Rock Shooter Fans
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Black Rock Shooter Fans

A group for all things related to the Japanese artist Huke's creation BLACK ROCK SHOOTER and all related properties, including but not necessarily limited to the song, the OVA, the 2012 anime series, the PSP game, the manga Innocent Soul, and other art/merchandise.

Please be respectful to other group members and have fun! All versions of BRS will be accepted here. Enjoy!


November 5, 2013 at 5:36am

This group was just created. Feel free to join! And if you think it would be helpful to be a moderator/admin of the group, please feel free to comment, I'd be glad to have some helping hands. You can pick one of the characters to claim as your own for your mod name!

Anyways, enjoy yourselves!

- Mod SZZU



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