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Pokemon Variations
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Pokemon Variations

This group is where you can submit your designs of Pokemon species in the series now.


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Pokemon Variations Contest
March 20, 2015 at 3:23pm

Welcome to the Pokemon variation contest!

In this contest you will draw or even write a subspecies of a Pokemon. You will have until August 1 to submit your entry to the Pokemon variation group. Then the following August 2 there will be a poll that will allow you to vote for your favorite!

Now just so everyone has an understanding of what a Pokemon variation could or would look like here or a few examples: 1, 2, and 3. There is also a blog that just blogs them if you need more examples, see here.

Q and A
Q: If I donate a prize to the winner does that mean I can’t enter?
A: Everyone is allowed to enter this contest.
Q: Am I allowed to donate a prize?
A: Yes, please send me a message concerning the details.
Q: How many can I enter?
A: For right now I will only be allowing one submission per person. This might change as time goes on, and if this indeed changes I will make a post concerning about it in the thread, group, and even on my base to just make sure it’s heard. So please watch one of the following so you are aware of what is going on.
Q: I drew several variations can I still post them?
A: Yes, but you should state which one is your submission in the description or the title.
Q: Can my variation be of a mega evolution?
A: Yes.
Q: What if the time provided isn’t long enough?
A: I would think three months would be long enough, but I understand stuff happens. If enough people have this trouble I will consider giving extra time, and I will make an announcement concerning this if it does happen.

If there are any more questions don’t be afraid to ask me.

Bragging rights provided by yourself, the winner
A cool trainer subscription provided by Frosti
A pokemon provided by Metatyph
A pokemon provided by Fexible
A shiny pokemon provided by myself
A drawing by Rai



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