Four Generations in One Aura.
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Generation Girls is about four girls from different generations experiencing today's generation as they encounter crazy events, and meet starring casts.

(It all takes place in a neighborhood at Sayreville, NJ.)

Facts about Generation Girls:

1. The comic serie is greatly inspired by the Aqua Teen Hunger Force, created by Dave Willis back in 2000\2001. (Which was later on cancelled in 2015.)

2. The main characters takes on the same roles as the Aqua Teen Hunger Force; Shannon takes the role of Shake, A takes the role of Meatwad, Rachel takes the role of Frylock, and Wanda takes the role of Carl.

3. The main characters may take the roles of the same main characters on ATHF, they may have similar personalities, but there are limits.

4. Shannon was mainly SUPPOSED to be a fan character based on ATHF; but now that Generation Girls is born; she became the ringleader of the comic serie.

5. It takes months to create each episode due to real life issues, school work, and other things that keeps me away from developing each episode.

6. Each episode are made in Madefire's Motionbook before they are drawn in Fire Alpaca.


-DO NOT, and I repeat, DO. NOT.
Submit your fanart in the Comic Pages's folder. PLEASE. Thank you.

-DO NOT add drawings in this group that DOES NOT relate to the Generation Girls.

-Do NOT draw content not everyone is pleased to see. (Sexual Content, ect.)

-Please place the fanart of the girls in one folder, and the fan characters in the other, please. Thank you.