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Pessimism Club
Do worry, be sad.
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Pessimism Club

This group should fall under the Anti-Social category, but sadly there isn't one.

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Coming up just around the corner...
January 14, 2011 at 3:30pm nothing very good.

As I write this, there are currently eight pessimists part of the Pessimist Club! Scandalous. That makes 0.727 pessimists for every optimist. I hope my fellows have enjoyed their stay.

I, Icebreath, your local Debbie Downer, has been busily stalking other groups and has noticed a lack of activity in some of them. How unfortunate. Let us be the exception! Spread the pessimistic news of the Pessimism Club. Bring them here. Tell them that everyone's doing it. Peer pressure and negative reinforcement are known to be very influential.

Once we get a sizable member base, I'm thinking of holding some contests or events. I believe the Pessimism Club is deserving of a mascot. Maybe a Cubone, or a pessimistic Happiny, or something equally sad. There could be a backstory concept contest for all you writers out there and then maybe an art contest or something. Is this a good idea? Bad idea? Comment with your opinions!

After I finish up with this news post, imma put up an introduction thread in the discussions. I order strongly advise you to participate it in it (and the other discussions!). We oughta get to know each other and share our negative outlooks on life.

Speaking of that, if you find a pessimistic piece of literature or image or anything, post it and we can discuss. If you happen to produce a beautiful piece of pessimistic literature or art, fill our depressingly empty gallery.

That's it for now. Now go hit that "Track" button and start getting involved!

Lots of love loathing long-leggedness ambiguousness,


Pessimism. January 11, 2011 at 11:52am