Froslass Faction
Froslass Faction
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Froslass Faction

Froslass. A Pokemon who was said to once be a girl/woman who froze in a blizzard and came back to life as a Froslass.

Ok, the only reasons Froslass was chosen was because the name started with an F and I happen to like Froslass, as my Pokesona suggests so.
Besides that, I mainly made this group so there could be a fifth Pokemon in the Route 50 Rivalry Penta between the Furret Alliance, the Floatzel Force, the Pummeluff, and the Cherrim Clique
Nothing more.
In essence, the Froslass Faction is more of a passive group in the Pentagonal Pokemon Parties. We do not technically have any enemies with the other groups, unlike the Floatzel Force and the Furret Alliance's burning hatred for each other. We are like our country mascot: Canada. Peaceful and passive :3

I guess you can join if you like Froslass, dislike Floatzel and Furret, post pretty Froslass pictures, and other fun stuff C:

And our group is in no way evil or cursed because its group number is 66 owo


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Your first news post!
February 21, 2011 at 4:47pm

Welcome to your new group! Feel free to edit or delete this news post. Enjoy :)



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