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rip li-fi.
in other news, Pokemon platinum remakes help to keep me alive... I love sinnoh so much it's just such a lonely, sad place with its ice and unchanging myths.
also catching shinies is so much fun I've caught Vulpix and Ralts. They are my contest sweepers ☀️
in platinum my first shinies were Ralts and Roselia, I miss them... guys what were ur first shinies??? did u also transfer them to another game and proceed to wipe them??


October 9, 2015 at 5:56pm
WHOA... there's been a confirmed platinum remake, or are you just reminiscing?!! i never really talk about sinnoh here because a lot of people dislike it, but it's my favorite EVER... it feels like going back to a hometown when i play pearl, lol. ;_;

oh, and i've never gotten a shiny. lol!
October 9, 2015 at 7:05pm
orz no, but with the remake trend of hg/ss and oras, it's likely that they'll be released soon. it's money, hahaha

yeah!! i know... the region's amazing, but the mechanics are so slow that and i feel rly sad when i replay games that i can't bring myself to touch it again.
i guess pokemon go and super dungeon are more than enough for now though :'D i hope they remake sinnoh well...

hAH. it's not like u'll love ur pokemon any less because of their palette anyway... but shiny hunting is thrilling. bc if u try for long enough u get results....
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