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apsathings posted "PogChamp" to her journal.

hey its ur gal apsa here w some Life Updates! things are going Awesome so im happy~~~~~

general stuff


January 3 at 6:54pm
dude YOU GOT THIS!!! keep working hard. if you ever need motivation or anything hit me up because I am.. pro self-motivator :'| I'm so glad you're dedicating yourself to all these fun awesome things. I never thought about how much physical work guitar is lol.. you have a plan, work to stick to it ;^)) we are always in your corner
January 3 at 7:09pm
thanks i appreciate it ♥ :D and yeah i didn't realize it would hurt either, i mean i knew my fingertips would (esp. cause im using steel strings) but you need to be Strong to play some chords.